Welcome to the Annual Conference of the DGPuK 2009

The annual conference 2009 of the German Communication Association (DGPuK) discussed media cultures in their present and historical change. Doing this, the term media cultures captures the phenomena of the mediatisation of culture in a wide manner: Media cultures are not  just understood as national cultures, but for example also as political discourse cultures, popular cultures, migration cultures, as cultures of journalism or production. Therefore, media cultures have to be differentiated with regard to time, space and the social.

In 2010, the conference volume had been published at UVK. The book is edited by Andreas Hepp, Marco Höhn and Jeffrey Wimmer and contains the most important contributions of the conference (beside others by Hans Adler, Robin Mansell und David Morley).

The following topics are discussed:

  • Theories and methods of media culture research,
  • Historical dimensions of changing media cultures,
  • Political discourse cultures and transcultural communication,
  • Journalism cultures,
  • Migration and diasporic media cultures,
  • Net and game cultures,
  • Media cultures and the everyday.

Further information about the book can be found at the web page of the publishing house: